EUE-Net - the European University-Enterprise Network - aims to assemble and to coordinate efforts at European level towards a better collaboration between universities and enterprises, to disseminate cooperation models and to promote best practices of collaboration in Europe. The target groups of the network include graduates, students and learners in European universities, academic and research staff in European higher education institutions, university leadership, university stakeholders but also entrepreneurs, professional staff from enterprises, managers and policy makers.

The main goals of EUEnet are:
- to enable an information, exchange and cooperation among the European Erasmus Programme,
- to promote mobility, in particular the mobility of students between universities and enterprises on a trans-national basis in the European Union,
- to contribute to the Bologna Process by developing tools and services to its stakeholders,
- to promote participation on an equal basis of the enterprises within the Erasmus  Programme,
- to promote a culture of quality supporting educational standards and quality in the European Union,
- to organise seminars and conferences, as platforms for cooperation between universities and enterprises throughout Europe, as well as defining new areas of the Network’s activity,
- to initiate and support projects of european and national relevance for the benefit of its members and of the European higher education system.

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